Ordering Information

I reserve the right to deny any request at my discretion. I will not accept commissions from underaged people under any circumstances.

Under no circumstance will I accept commissions containing racist, transphobic, sexist, or otherwise bigoted themes; sexualization of minors or childhood; or dubiously consensual content. If you send me a request asking for this content, I reserve the right to permanently blacklist you from receiving commissions from me.

I have chronic pain and a plethora of brain problems; my work and sleep schedules are extremely inconsistent. If you are not willing to be civil and patient with me, I will potentially blacklist you in the future.


All payment must be submitted through PayPal's invoice system. Please do not pay me through regular payment or gift options! I will send you an invoice to your PayPal email address that you can pay me through.

All payment must be made up-front before I will begin work.

Artistic Process

I will work as quickly as possible to finish your commission, but if personal emergencies occur, your commission may be delayed. I reserve the right to take as long as necessary to finish your commission, but I will make my best attempt to deliver your artwork in a timely manner.

I will send you a WIP at every major stage of drawing, from sketch, to inking, to final colors.

If I have taken more than a week to send a WIP, you may request a refund for the price of work that I have not finished. For example, if I have only finished a sketch of your fully-colored commission, I will refund you the difference between a sketch and a fully-colored illustration, and deliver you the sketch as a final product.

Under no other circumstance do I offer refunds, not even if you are unsatisfied with my art. If you ask me to redraw a sketch from scratch more than once, I reserve the right to ask for additional payment.


I claim full copyright to the images produced under commission. I reserve the right to post any work created by me, including within my portfolio.

You are allowed to repost finished work by me, but you must credit me wherever the artwork is used. You are not allowed to use my finished work for profit unless you are willing to pay an additional copyright fee.

Violation of Terms

If a commissioner violates these terms of services in any way, I reserve the right to immediately refund the commissioner and end the contract. I further reserve the right to refuse further work with the commissioner, and the right to inform my peers of the violation.

I reserve the right to change these terms at any time. If these terms are changed, you agree to follow the new terms even if you have already purchased artwork from me.

By purchasing a commission from me, you agree to abide to the above terms and pledge not to violate them, regardless of if you have read these terms or not.